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Kamiah school before remodel

Kamiah's Higher Education Center

Picture above is before remodel

In a joint partnership with the Kamiah School District and the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee (NPTEC), Bridge Idaho opened a Higher Education Center at Kamiah High School in 2013. Housing several resources for students and community members, the center serves as a gateway to higher education and long term academic success.

Kamiah High School is the second school to house a Higher Education Center through Bridge Idaho with the first center being established at Lapwai High School in 2008. Based on the success of the center and the profound positive impact it has on the students Lapwai, it was evident that more students should have access to these resources.

"As a public, land-grant institution, the University of Idaho has a mission to serve the citizens and communities of the state and it grows stronger by doing so. Part of why Bridge Idaho exists is to help make that happen. A fundamental goal of our organization is to bring the University of Idaho to Idaho's communities and enable students to access what UI and higher education can provide,” said Michael Highfill, Director of Bridge Idaho, when asked about the organization’s decision to open its second higher education center.

Bridge Idaho provides services that allow for the Higher Education Center to effectively serve low-income, first generation students with continual guidance in preparation for college and support during and beyond their college careers. The Center provides the students with access to educational resources such as dual enrollment courses, workshops and programs that will increase their chances to succeed at the secondary and postsecondary levels, Randall Bennett, Program Coordinator for Bridge Idaho said.

“One of my highest priorities as a Program Coordinator is to advocate for our students,” he said. “If that means increasing college access and opportunity through dedicated space to work and the use of academic resources, then that is what we’ll continue to do,” Bennett explained further.

This dedicated space is staffed by one full-time Bridge Idaho coordinator and is equipped with the tools necessary to best prepare students for college. In the center, students have access to computers, ACT and SAT prep, assistance in completing college applications and FAFSA, but most importantly, the unwavering support of mentors and advisors who continually encourage them.

For many students, the center also serves as a safe haven. As they bridge the gap between their communities and the University of Idaho, diligently striving to become part of the 95 percent who enroll in college through the Bridge Idaho program, Kayley Portocarerro, a senior at Kamiah High School, said she uses the center to escape from outside distractions and connect with others who know her on a more personal level.

“I think the Higher Education Center will assist our students and their families in realizing that college is attainable and a realistic goal,” said Janel Mercer, Kamiah High School Counselor. “I believe that students need to feel confident that they have the ability to succeed.”

Picture after Remodel:
Kamiah school after remodel