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Bridge Idaho
Lapwai High School
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Orofino High School
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Kamiah High School
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Clearwater Valley High School
4643 Idaho 13
Kooskia, Idaho 83539
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Framework & Learning Outcomes

                 two girls working on an art project   young girl with a microphone   Young man doing an experiment
Bridge Idaho prepares and supports students to engage in a meaningful education—an education that empowers them to have a positive impact on the world they share.  We seek to facilitate awareness, by the student, of their individual talents, passions and self-worth.

In order to do so, Bridge Idaho works to develop and measures the following core constructs for college success.  These learning outcomes are identified by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute as key factors affecting college success.

  • HABITS OF MIND: the behaviors and traits associated with academic success. These learning behaviors are seen as the foundation for lifelong learning.
  • ACADEMIC SELF-CONCEPT: a students’ beliefs about their abilities and confidence in academic environments.
  •  SOCIAL SELF- CONCEPT: a students’ beliefs about their abilities and confidence in social situations.
  • PLURALISTIC ORIENTATION: skills and dispositions appropriate for living and working in a diverse society. 
  • SOCIAL AGENCY: the extent to which students value political and social involvement as a personal goal.