There are five possible areas where you can request a student teaching placement:

1. Coeur d’Alene/Northern Idaho: All school districts north of Plummer and includes Post Falls, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Kellogg and Wallace. We can usually accommodate all requests for this area.

2. Boise/Southern Idaho: All school districts south of Riggins including Twin Falls, Idaho Falls and Pocatello. We can usually accommodate all requests for this area.

3. Moscow/Lewiston: All school districts from Plummer in the north to Riggins in the south, including Troy, Potlatch, Grangeville, Orofino and all outlying districts.

The demand for requests in the Moscow area significantly exceeds availability. These placements are very limited and cannot be guaranteed. They must be prioritized by need so you must attach a letter explaining the extenuating circumstances as to why you need a placement in the Moscow area.

You will know by the end of the semester your application is due if you have been accepted for Moscow or if you need to select another location. This still does not guarantee placement; this just means you will be prioritized for possible placement in the Moscow area. Please be aware that the Moscow area extends to Lewiston and beyond, so just because you are accepted for the Moscow area it does not mean you will end up student teaching right in Moscow.

4. Out of state: We can, when the situation warrants it, attempt to arrange a placement out of state. These placements are often very difficult and can’t be guaranteed. You must attach a letter explaining the extenuating circumstances as to why you need a placement in another state. Due to the additional cost of supervision, there is a $400 fee attached to the out-of-state section of internship for all students except Music and Agriculture Education majors. You also are responsible for adhering to any other regulations that the state requires, such as fingerprinting. Please do not request Pullman, Clarkston, Colfax, Colton or Garfield-Palouse as these are Washington State University placement areas.

The state of Washington requires a pre-residency certificate of clearance (download pdf) in order to student teach. This application must be completed and a copy of the certificate presented to both the school district and to the University of Idaho Internship Coordinator Matthew Coulter prior to student teaching. There is no cost for the application, but you will have to pay to get Washington fingerprints and for an official transcript.

The state of Washington also has subject area standards that may differ slightly from those in Idaho. You must submit lesson plans to your supervisor before each observation that are correlated to Washington state standards. They are available for each subject area, as well as resources at the following website:

5. International: It is possible to student teach in another country. Students wanting international placements in any other country must work with the University of Northern Iowa to secure a placement. For more information on this process, go to the UNI website at: They charge $2,450 to locate a full-semester placement. The cost does not include airfare or housing. Students also must register and pay for University of Idaho credit. Despite the expense, many students have taken advantage of this opportunity and have completed their student teaching in Australia, Japan, Italy, Germany, Nicaragua and many other countries. Students placed by UNI do not have to pay the additional $400 out-of-state placement fee.


1. Do not work on your own placement – you may request a school, but contacting schools directly may jeopardize your placement, especially in the Moscow area. We have specific procedures that we need to follow and if you contact a teacher or principal it creates many problems. This applies to out of state placements as well. We will let you know if we want you to help make contacts out of state – otherwise do not talk directly to anyone in the schools.

2. You will need to interview with the placement area coordinator prior to placement.
You will be by email notified when sign-up sheets for interview times are available. Interviews will generally be in September for Spring placements and in late January for Fall placements.
3. You will need to submit a fingerprint card and a check for $40 to the Idaho State Department of Education for a background check if you have not already done so for admission to teacher education. If you are requesting an out-of-state placement you may need to complete additional background checks or other screening requirements as part of the placement process. Background checks take six weeks or more to complete, and they have to be completed before you can start student teaching.

4. If anything about your status changes notify the placement coordinator as soon as possible. You are responsible for informing us of any changes such as address or phone, placement area or desire to postpone internship.

5. Students are generally not placed in buildings where they attended as students, or in which they have relatives employed or attending.

6. You may have an interview with the Principal and/or prospective mentor teacher as part of the placement process. Follow up and schedule interviews in a timely manner, dress professionally, be ready to talk about your experience and goals and to ask questions about how the teacher does things in his/her classroom to see if you think you will be compatible.

7. It will be mid-semester or later before you know where your placement will be. Watch for emails with information. Don’t get worried if someone hears about their placement before you. Schools move at different paces and we try to inform you of your interview/placement as soon as we know. We try to have everyone in a confirmed placement by December 1st for spring placements and May 1st for fall.

8. Please feel free to contact the placement coordinator in your area with questions or to check on the status of your placement.

Moscow and Out of State – Dr. Matthew Coulter (
Boise - Dr. Rodney McConnell (
Coeur d’Alene – Warren Bakes (