Apply for Degree & Program Completion

Completing your degree or program is the crowning achievement and a reward for your hard work and dedication during your academic career. The final step is to apply for your degree from the University of Idaho or to apply for program completion.

Apply for your degree through the University of Idaho Registrar's Office during the semester PRIOR to the semester of graduation, preferably during the advising period for your final semester. The Application for Degree is on-line. Procedures for applying online are as follows:
1) Log in to VandalWeb with your user ID and PIN.
2) Select “Student Information/Registration Menu” and then “Apply for Degree”.
3) Complete and print the Application for Degree.
4) Return to the Registration Menu and select “Graduating Senior Survey”.
5) Complete the three part survey and print the confirmation page (not the actual survey).
6) Take these forms to your advisor for his/her review and signature.

Visit the University of Idaho Office of the Registrar to find out more about graduation procedures and application deadlines.

If you are completing the certification only program (not receiving a degree), there will be a notation on your transcript that you completed the teacher certification program. 
1) Complete the Final Check Sheet with your advisor and return it to ED 209, Student Services.
2) Ensure that your degree audit is satisfied. Work with your advisor to complete substitutions/waivers if necessary.