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College of Education will phase-out School Psychology Program

The College of Education is committed to delivering excellent programs. With that as a guide, the college has closely examined its programs through the lens of resources and sustainability. After much thought and deliberation, Dean Cori Mantle-Bromley, with input from College of Education faculty and administrators, has decided to phase-out and close the school psychology program.

School psychology is one of three counseling programs offered by the college, along with school counseling and vocational rehabilitation. Resources are vital for the health of academic programs, not only within the institution, but to maintain national accreditation. There are currently not enough resources to preserve the vitality of all three programs. By teaching out and then closing the school psychology program, pending approval by the State Board of Education, resources can be reallocated to preserve and strengthen the school counseling and vocational rehabilitation programs.

“The assurance of program quality is of the utmost importance to us,” says Mantle-Bromley. “If we are unable to deliver programs of excellence with adequate resources, then we must take action and reallocate funds and resources to ensure the delivery of two excellent counseling programs and create a program delivery model that is sustainable.”

Students currently in the school psychology program will be able to complete their degree program. Although the University will no longer accept new students into the program, current students can continue their coursework through 2012 as well as complete internships for the 2012-13 year.

The University of Idaho offers the only vocational rehabilitation program in the state, and with the increased need with war veterans returning home, it’s important to continue to deliver the program statewide. The school counseling program will be maintained as a National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)-accredited program.

Dean Mantle-Bromley welcomes feedback. Email her at: