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Teacher Honor Roll $1,000

We all have individuals who have played a vital role as teacher in our lives, whether they be an educator, parent, coach, neighbor or other mentor. Those who have guided and inspired us are integral influences on who we are today. The University of Idaho College of Education wants to honor these outstanding individuals in perpetuity by placing their names and city of residence on an artistically designed teacher recognition wall in the newly renovated Education building. Inspiring essays about these teachers also will be displayed digitally. Individuals recognized will receive a certificate of honor and a photo of the completed honor wall. A gift of $1,000, for each individual honored, will contribute to the education building renovation and this memorial to teachers who have made a difference in the lives of Vandal friends, alumni and loved ones.
Why the Greenwood Family donates.

With Patti and Laura both teachers and graduates from the College of Education and soon Annie will follow their footsteps. The Greenwood ladies know education empowers ones future. More