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With Patti and Laura both teachers and graduates from the College of Education and soon Annie will follow their footsteps. The Greenwood ladies know education empowers ones future. More

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State and University Funding

Education renovation building inspirational space serving educators

Private funding helping create world-class learning, dynamic learning environment

A long-awaited and much-needed opportunity to better serve educators of tomorrow has risen in the renovation of the University of Idaho’s College of Education building.

The College of Education building was built in 1968 when the use of asbestos was common. The dangers of asbestos caused the building to become, in essence, unrepairable. Work on the building such as a window replacement or even improvements like adding power outlets was deferred because of the complexity, dangers and cost of removing asbestos. Simultaneously, the exterior stacked rock and plaster panels, which make up the outside surface, were separating from the steel posts to which they were attached, exposing cracks in the joints of the windows. This resulted in leaks at nearly every window.

The university and the State Board of Education agreed that the building was a health and life safety concern following a study that revealed the asbestos in the building would become friable within five to 15 years, and roof and window leaks would become pervasive.

In response, the State of Idaho provided $7 million in asbestos abatement and renovation funding. In addition, the University of Idaho bonded $7.5 million toward the project. These combined funds along with thousands of private donations will create a totally renovated building that meets codes and replaces much more than just the basics. The remodel also provided an opportunity for faculty members, staff and architects to deeply consider what we want the College of Education to become and how we can build something inspirational. Our goal is to create a sense of respect for those who chose to become educators and movement-related professionals as well as a building that teaches about Idaho and sustainability practices.

The state and university-bonded funding will create a building that is safe for students. However, it is private funds that will allow us to create the caliber of facility we strive for and that our students deserve. We are creating a world-class dynamic building that will bring innovation and collaboration to life and encourage collaboration, engagement and enhanced learning.

We are grateful to those who already have contributed toward creating a quality space. Now we are seeking help to fill this beautiful building with state-of-the-art technology and updated furnishings. We have through September 2015 to collect gifts that will help provide innovative and functional classrooms, create comfortable collaboration spaces and design installations. We ask your help to provide critical funding for finishing details that match a world-class building by projecting an image of professionalism, respect for educators and value in the work we do.

For more information, please contact Marta McClintock at martam@uidaho.edu or 208-885-7476. You also may donate online.