Why the Greenwood Family donates.

With Patti and Laura both teachers and graduates from the College of Education and soon Annie will follow their footsteps. The Greenwood ladies know education empowers ones future. More

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Cori Mantle-Bromley-Dean
College of Education
Phone: 208-885-6773
Email: cmantle@uidaho.edu
Future Education Building

Education Building Renovation Project

"Be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference for generations of Vandal educators.  Together, we can build a lasting legacy."

Classroom Naming $50,000
(payable over 5 years)

We will have specialized classrooms, labs or other spaces that
will be named for you or the person you choose to honor.
For example:
• The Science Education Classroom
• The Math Education Classroom
• The Literacy and Elementary Education Classroom
• The Exercise Science Laboratory and Classroom
• The Education Auditorium
• The Deans’ Office Suite
• The Department of Curriculum & Instruction Main Office
• Two general university classrooms designed to serve
60-80 students, with the latest technology for innovative
large class delivery
• The College of Education Curriculum Library
• A student advising and career counseling center
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Artwork Naming $30,000
(payable over 5 years)
We hope to include the following:
• A sculpture of a child or children with books
• Artwork in the building that celebrates children of all
ages engaged in learning
• Artwork that celebrates Idaho as a beautiful
learning laboratory 
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Education Quotations $20,000
(payable over 3 years)
We envision 36” x 24” brass-cast floor plaques that feature
significant quotes about the importance of learning. Each
floor plaque will feature the quote you select from a list we
provide, the author’s name, and the donor name.
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Technology Endowment Fund $10,000
(payable over 3 years)
This fund will provide support for classroom
technology into the future, ensuring that 21st Century
learning is possible.
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Teacher Honor Roll $1,000
We intend to create a “Teacher Honor Roll”, an artistic
design that will feature the names of teachers who made
a difference in the lives of University of Idaho alumni. This
wall will name the teacher (an educator, a coach, a parent,
a neighbor, or anyone that inspired you and deserves
recognition) and the city in which he or she live(d). We
will send to those you honor a photo of the wall, along
with a certificate of honor, naming you as the person who
recognized and honored them. We will archive all stories of
inspirational teachers.
Multiple gifts or contributions to this fund will honor
teachers. We ask for a contribution of $1,000 for each
person honored.
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We seek and welcome contributions in any amount.  Make a Gift