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Contact Information
Bryan Maughan, Ph.D.
Director, Professional Practices Ed.D.
College of Education
1776 Science Center Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83460

Professional Practices Doctorate

The Professional Practices Doctorate (Ed. D.) is an applied research degree that provides students with the opportunity to perform research within the context of their chosen profession. Students will be able to integrate rigorous academic professional development in research methodology to their professional practice and focus their inquiry on real-world, real-time applications. Professional practices doctoral students will work as interns with professionals who will serve as mentors. These mentors will guide the students in developing the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to become accomplished scholarly professional practitioners. This discipline-based educational leadership program is an exciting and meaningful way to earn a doctorate degree—a terminal degree that is both rigorous and highly relevant. The program prepares leaders for roles related to teaching/learning, applied research and service/outreach in higher education as well as other related professional education roles.

The Professional Practices Doctorate program is offered in southeastern Idaho.  The courses are both online and live.  Live classes are currently held in or near Idaho Falls.  Cohort members are required to attend live classes.  For more course features see features of program.