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Mary Gardiner

Mary E. Gardiner, Ph.D.

Office: 322 East Front Street, Suite 440
Phone: (208) 364-9905
Email: gardiner@uidaho.edu

College of Education
Educational Leadership

Campus Locations: Boise
With UI Since 2001

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Educational leadership/management
    • Ethical leadership and law
    • Leadership for social justice
    • Qualitative research
  • Biography
    Mary E. Gardiner / Henry, PhD, an immigrant to the USA from Australia, is currently a professor of Educational Leadership, University of Idaho, Boise. She is interested in the social and cultural dimensions of learning and leadership, social justice leadership, and leadership praxis for democracy. She co-authored a chapter in the book Social justice leadership for a global world (2012), a chapter in the book Breaking into the all-male club (2009, SUNY Press); and has authored books Latino dropouts in rural America (2008, SUNY Press), Coloring outside the lines: Mentoring women into educational leadership (2000, SUNY) and articles.
  • Selected Publications
    • Taylor, B. & Gardiner, M. (2012, June). Closing the “gap”: Novice criminal attorneys’ perceptions on law school learning experiences. Journal of Practical and Clinical Law, Volume 13(3), 1-17. Thompson Reuters. Available at Westlaw 13 TMCJPCL 397.
    • Gardiner, M. (2009). From the bush to the ivory tower: A pioneer women in educational administration. In N. Mertz (Ed.), Breaking into the All-Male Club: Female Professors of Educational Administration. Albany: State University of New York Press. ISBN-13: 978-1-4384-2495-8. Available as a Google eBook
    • Canfield-Davis, K., Gardiner, M. & Joki, R. (2009). Social justice leadership in action: The case of Tony Stewart. Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research (JEQR), 3 (4), 205-217.
      ISSN 1935-3308.
    • Gardiner, M., Canfield-Davis, K. & Anderson, K. (2009). Urban school principals and the ‘No Child Left Behind’ Act. The Urban Review: Issues and Ideas in Public Education, 41 (2), 141-160. DOI: 10.1007/s11256-008-0102-1. http://www.springerlink.com/content/p005243p2810773t/
      DOI 10.1007/s11256-008-0102-1
  • Research Projects
    • Gardiner, M., Howard, M., and Muzaliwa, I. (2013). Leadership praxis for democracy: A narrative inquiry of the state superintendency. Paper in preparation to be presented to American Educational Research Association (AERA),San Francisco, CA, April 27-May 1.
    • Gardiner, M., Tenuto, P., & Yamamoto, E. (2013). School administrators processing emotion: A model integrating emotion into leadership with implications for leadership preparation. Paper in preparation to be presented to American Educational Research Association (AERA),San Francisco, CA, April 27-May 1.
    • Gardiner, M. Essay review of the book in preparation for a leading journal in educational administration: Educational Leadership at 2050: Conjectures, Challenges, and Promises. By English, F., Papa, R., Mullen, C. & Creighton, T. (2012). Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield Education. 
    • Muzaliwa, I. & Gardiner, M. Narrative inquiry as an exemplary method for social justice leadership. In preparation for the book International handbook of social [in]justice and educational leadership. Edited by Ira Bogotch & Carolyn Shields. Springer Publisher.
  • Outreach Projects
    • Gardiner, M., Howard, M. & Muzaliwa, I. Connecting Leadership Research with Experienced Leaders. Outreach with Dr. Marilyn Howard, State Superintendent, Idaho, 1999-2006. Collection of documents related to the state superintendency to inform teaching in educational leadership.
    • Muzaliwa, I. & Gardiner, M. Narrative inquiry as a culturally relevant supervision and leadership strategy for social justice. Conversations with culturally diverse leaders with a view to recruiting and retaining culturally diverse school leaders and enhancing school culture and climate for underrepresented students.
  • Awards and Honors
    • 2012-2013, QR SIG. Appointed to the Executive Committee. American Educational Research Association SIG Qualitative Research. Chair, Qualitative Research QR-SIG, a special interest group of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Outstanding Book Award. 2012-2013.
    • 2011. Breaking into the All-Male Club: Female Professors of Educational Administration (featuring chapter 12, Mary Gardiner) was selected by the AESA Critics Choice Awards Committee as an outstanding book to be honored in a ceremony featured at the annual meeting of the American Educational Studies Association, Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, November 2. <http://www.educationalstudies.org>.
    • 2009. Women Making History Award. One of 24 women featured in the Women’s History Month celebration publication Women Making Herstory distributed statewide by The Idaho Statesman, Thursday March 5, 2009. Awarded by the Boise State University Women’s Center. Award for contributions made to the community. Awards Banquet SUB Grand Ballroom, Boise State University, 14 March 2009. Trophy awarded November, 2009.
    • 2008 Faculty Award for Outstanding Contributions in Scholarship. College of Education. University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, May, 2008.
    • 2007. Outstanding Faculty Award. University of Idaho. Disability Support Services. In recognition of exceptional support in assisting students with disabilities to achieve their academic goals.
    • 2005. 50 Most Cited Articles in Urban Education. Number 3 ranking for Enomoto, E., Gardiner, M. & Grogan, M. Notes to Athene: Mentoring relationships for women of color.
“[Individuals] empowered to become all they can be, is not the only task of parents and teachers, but the basis of management and political leadership-and simple friendship” Mary Catherine Bateson, Composing a life (1990) p. 56.