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Jeffrey Brooks

Dr. Jeffrey S. Brooks

Office: Suite 440
Phone: (208) 364-9918

College of Education
Educational Leadership
Professor and Department Chair

Campus Locations: University of Idaho, Boise Campus
With UI Since 2013

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Educational leadership practice and preparation
    • Education and racism
    • Education and globalization
    • Distributed and teacher leadership
    • Cultural and social dynamics in schools
    • Leadership for social justice
    • School reform
  • Biography
    Jeffrey S. Brooks is Professor and Chair of the Department of Leadership & Counseling at the University of Idaho. He is a J. William Fulbright Senior Scholar alumnus who has conducted studies in the United States and the Philippines. His research focuses broadly on educational leadership, and he examines the way leaders influence (and are influenced by) dynamics such as racism, globalization, distributed leadership, social justice and school reform.

    Dr. Brooks is author of two full-length books based on his research: The Dark Side of School Reform: Teaching in the Space between Reality and Utopia and Black School, White School: Racism and Educational (Mis)leadership. He is also co-editor of five other volumes, including What Every Principal Needs to Know to Create Equitable and Excellent and Bigotry and Isolation and Anti-Racist School Leadership: Toward Equity in Education for America’s Students. Dr. Brooks has written many peer-reviewed articles in leading educational research journals such as Teachers College Record, Journal of School Leadership, Educational Administration Quarterly, Educational Policy, and the Journal of Educational Administration. He has also contributed chapters and entries to several scholarly edited volumes and reference works. Dr. Brooks is Series Editor for the Educational Leadership for Social Justice book series and has served in several leadership positions in universities and educational research organizations. For more information, see his web site .
  • Selected Publications
    • Brooks, J. S. & Normore, A. H. (under contract and in progress). Educational leadership: The key to developing excellent and equitable schools. Routledge.
    • Normore, A. H. & Brooks, J. S. (under contract and in progress). What the social sciences tell us about leadership for social justice. Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC.
    • Brooks, J. S. & Arnold, N. W. (Eds.) (2013). Antiracist school leadership: Toward equity
      in education for America’s students.
      Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC.
    • Brooks, J. S. & Arnold, N. W. (Eds.) (2013). Confronting racism in higher education: Problems and possibilities for fighting ignorance, bigotry and isolation. Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC.
    • Brooks, J. S. (2012). Black school, white school: Racism and educational (mis)leadership. Teachers College Press: New York, NY.
    • Theoharis, G. & Brooks, J. S. (Eds.) (2012). What every principal needs to know to create equitable and excellent schools. Teachers College Press: New York, NY.
    • Marshall, J. M., Brooks, J. S., Brown, K. M., Bussey, L. H., Fusarelli, B. C., Gooden, M. A., Lugg, C. A., Reed, L. & Theoharis, G. (Eds.) (2012). Juggling flaming chainsaws: Academics in educational leadership try to balance work and family. Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC.
    • Bogotch, I., Beachum, F. Blount, J., Brooks, J. S. & English, F. W. (Eds.) (2008). Radicalizing educational leadership: Toward a theory of social justice. Sense Publishers, Netherlands.
    • Brooks, J. S. (2006). The dark side of school reform: Teaching in the space between reality and
      Rowman & Littlefield Education: Lanham, MD.

    Recent Refereed Articles

    • Brooks, J. S. & Sutherland, I. E. (in press). Educational leadership and poverty: A case study of the Philippines. Planning & Changing.
    • Brooks, J. S., Arnold, N. W. & Brooks, M. C. (2013). Educational leadership and racism: Second-generation segregation in an urban high school. Teachers College Record. 
    • Arnold, N. W. & Brooks, J. S. (2013). Getting churched and being schooled: Making meaning of poverty and leadership practice. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership.
    • Ruffin, V. & Brooks, J. S. (2011). Leadership for community schools: An emergent model of cross-boundary leadership. Journal of School Public Relations, 31(3): 238-250.
    • Cabezas, C. T., Killingsworth, M. F., Kensler, L. A. W., & Brooks, J. S. (October,2010). The gender dynamics of educational leadership preparation: A feminist postmodern critique of the cohort experience. Journal of Research on Leadership in Education, 5(12.9): 532-567.
    • Brooks, J. S., Reed, C., & Reames, E. (October, 2010). Preparing educational leaders:
      A conceptual and empirical exploration of a preparation program’s redesign. Journal of Research on Leadership in Education, 5(12.1): 333-338.
    • Brooks, J. S., Havard, T., Tatum, K., & Patrick, L. (October, 2010). It takes more
      than a village: Inviting partners and complexity in educational leadership preparation reform. Journal of Research on Leadership in Education, 5(12.4): 418-435.
    • Williams, C. & Brooks, J. S. (2010). Sowing seeds of oppression for African American education: Destiny or design? International Journal of Urban Educational Leadership, 4(1): 173-186.
    • Brooks, J. S. & Normore, A. H. (2010). Educational leadership and globalization:
      Toward a glocal perspective. Educational Policy, 24(1): 52-82.
    • Hesp, G. & Brooks, J. S. (2009). Heterosexism and homophobia on fraternity
      row: A case study of a college fraternity community. Journal of LGBT Youth, 6(1): 1-21.
    • Jean-Marie, G., Normore, A. H. & Brooks, J. S. (2009). Leadership for social justice: Preparing 21st Century school leaders for a new social order. Journal of Research on Leadership in Education, 4(1): 1-31.
    • Saka, Y., Southerland, S. A., & Brooks, J. S. (2009). Becoming a member of a school community while working toward science education reform: Teacher induction from a cultural historical activity theory (CHAT) perspective. Science Education, 93(3): 1-30.
    • Brooks, J. S. & Tooms, A. K. (2008). A dialectic of social justice: Learning to lead
      through reflection and dialogue. Journal of School Leadership, 18(2): 134-163.
    • Young, M. D. & Brooks, J. S. (2008). Supporting graduate students of color in educational administration preparation programs: Faculty perspectives on best practices, possibilities, and problems. Educational Administration Quarterly, 44(3): 391-423.
    • Brooks, J. S., Hughes, R., & Brooks, M. C. (2008). Fear and trembling in the
      American high school: Educational reform and teacher alienation. Educational Policy, 22(1): 45-62.

  • Research Projects
    Dr. Brooks has conducted studies related to teacher alienation, school reform, racism and education, leadership for social justice, instructional leadership, leadership and globalization, and several other issues. This is an incomplete list of current projects:

    Racism and Educational Leadership
    Location: Various Sites
    Description: This is an ongoing empirical and conceptual research project. I have been working in this area for ten years.

    School Leadership in the Philippines
    Location: Cagayan de Oro, Manila
    Description: This is an ongoing empirical research project that began with support from the United States Department of State, the Council for International Exchange of Scholars and Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao in 2007. At that time I examined issues related to school and school division leadership, culture, social justice, instruction, corruption and politics. I am currently beginning the second phase of the project looking at these and related issues in collaboration with other scholars.

    School Leadership and Globalization
    Location: Global
    Description: This is an ongoing empirical and conceptual research project that is taking place in several sites around the world.
  • Outreach Projects
    Dr. Brooks has provided service, leadership, outreach and consultation to several educational organizations, both domestically and internationally. He has worked with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Iowa Department of Education, Alabama Department of Education, Leon County (Florida) Schools, the Minority Student Achievement Network, University of Minnesota Urban Leaders Network, Capitol University (Philippines), Leyte Normal university (Philippines), Bukidnon State University (Philippines), University of Southeastern Philippines, University of Prishtina (Kosovo), East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS), University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), American Educational Research Association Leadership for Social Justice Special Interest Group, American Educational Research Association Division A: Administration, Organizations and Leadership, and the American Educational Research Association Politics of Education Association Special Interest Group.

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