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Master's Degree Curriculum and Sequencing

Program Core (21 credits):
AOLL 507 3 cr Future of Education and Work 
AOLL 510 3 cr  Foundations of Human Resource Development 
AOLL 574 3 cr  Adult and Transformational Learning 
AOLL 577 3 cr  Organization Development
AOLL 581 3 cr  Theory, Practice, and Challenges of Leadership
AOLL 583 3 cr  Organizational Leadership 
AOLL 526 3 cr Instructional Design and Curriculum
AOLL 528 3 cr  Program Planning, Development and Evaluation

Electives (Choose 6 credits):
AOLL 560  3 cr  Career Development in Organizations
AOLL 573 3 cr Adult Learners: Foundations and Characteristics
AOLL 575 3 cr Strategies for Facilitating Adult Learning
AOLL 597,598,599 1-6 variable cr Practicum, Internship, Non-thesis research

Non-Thesis Option (3 credits):

AOLL 570  3 cr  Introduction to Research in AOLL 

Comprehensive Exam or Project
Note-Additional credit is not required if the student is enrolled in other coursework at the time of the exam or project.

Thesis Option (12 credits with advisor approval)
ED 571 3 cr  Introduction to Quantitative Research
ED 574 3 cr  Introduction to Qualitative Research
ED 584 3 cr  Intermediate Quantitative Analysis
ED 589 3 cr  Designing and Conducting Qualitative Research
AOLL 500 6 cr  Thesis credits (required) 

Degree Total
A minimum of 30 semester credits for the non-thesis option or a minimum of 36 semester credits for the thesis option is required.  Up to 12 approved credits taken as a non-degree student may be transferred into a graduate program.  Students considering transferring credits into a graduate program must contact the department for early advising.