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Laura Holyoke, Ph.D
Associate Professor

Jean Henscheid, Ph.D
Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael Kroth, Ph.D
Associate Professor

Phone: (208) 364-4047

Mailing Address:
University of Idaho
Boise Center
322 E. Front St., Suite 440
Boise, Idaho 83702
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Adult, Organizational Learning and Leadership

Adult, Organizational Learning and Leadership program prepares leaders in a wide range of careers including higher education, business, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.  It offers a master's degree and also delivers a professional certificate in Human Resource Development.  A doctorate with an AOLL emphasis is available as well.  

AOLL program is an online degree program and faculty are located in Moscow Dr. Laura Holyoke and in Boise Dr. Michael Kroth and Dr. Jean Henscheid

The AOLL program has four student learning outcomes. See courses related to these student learning outcomes. 
  1. Understand, analyze and apply organization development theory and methods.
  2. Understand and apply transformative learning processes and strategic thinking.
  3. Develop personal leadership capacity.
  4. Evaluate intervention options for facilitating healthy organizational change.