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Leadership & Counseling

Contact Information:

Laura Holyoke, Ph.D
Associate Professor

Michael Kroth, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Phone: (208) 364-4047
Boise Center:
322 E. Front St., Suite 440
Boise, Idaho 83702


The Master and Specialist degree program includes the following courses of study.

AOLL Course Rotation

Masters Degree Program Curriculum Sheet

Specialist Degree Program Curriculum Sheet

Program Core (required)
AOLL 507   Education and Work for Sustainability
AOLL 528   Program Planning, Development, and Evaluation
AOLL 570   Introduction to Research and Workforce Education
AOLL 573   Adult Learners: Foundations and Characteristics
AOLL 574   Adult and Transformational Learning
AOLL 581   Theory and Practices of Sustainable Leadership

Electives (9-12 credits)
AOLL 510    Foundations of Human Resource Development
AOLL 526    Instructional Design and Curriculum
AOLL 560    Career Development in Organizations
AOLL 575    Strategies for Facilitating Adult Learning
AOLL 577    Organization Development
AOLL 583    Organizational Leadership
AOLL 589    Criticial Thinking

Research: Thesis or Non - thesis Option
Non-thesis requires 3 research credits, plus Exam or Project
Thesis requires 12 research credits

Internship (Optional)
AOLL 597    Practicum with credit arranged
AOLL 598    Internship with credit arranged

Human Resource Development Certificate