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Technology Training and Development

M.S. or Ed.S. Technology Training and Development

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A Master of Science (M.S.) or Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Technology Training and Development is designed for experienced workers seeking professional development and growth. The increasing availability of corporate training has put experienced trainers and managers in high demand. An advanced degree in this area will prove to be increasingly valuable as more corporations return to in-house training programs.

Degree emphases include: 

  • Business technology
  • Industrial technology, safety
  • Emergency planning and management (certificate available)

As a student in the program, you will study the resources, systems and products of technology within a hands-on environment. Your focus will be to learn how things work, how they are made and how to make them better through problem solving, quality control and optimized production flow. With a solid combination of technical and business training, you will be well prepared to succeed in the workforce.

Students have ample opportunities to apply classroom theories to realistic situations. Under the guidance of our experienced faculty in a low-key environment, students will get the most out of their education.

This degree is offered at three of our University of Idaho campus locations: Moscow, Boise and Idaho Falls.

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Prepare for Success

Professionals interested in products, materials and processes might enjoy a degree in technology training and development.

What You Can Do

Graduates of the technology training and development programs are professional industrial technologists with a broad technical and managerial background. Their advanced understanding of complex system performance prepares them to bridge the gap between engineers and technicians in such fields as business, manufacturing, industry and government.

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Graduates of the program acquire a variety of skills that transfer to an wide range of managerial opportunities in:

  • Business training facilities
  • Manufacturing firms
  • Government and state agencies
  • Construction companies
  • Educational institutions

Current Research

The College of Education and the College of Engineering have been awarded a $138,775 nuclear education grant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The grant will provide funds to develop a 12-credit certificate program that will enable participants to assess criticality in nuclear facilities.

Faculty Involvement

A small student-to-faculty ratio provides a unique opportunity for students to interact closely with faculty.

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