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Curriculum & Instruction, Ed.S. & M.Ed.

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Value Knowledge, Educate

This program provides advanced professional and foundational courses that emphasize teacher education.  
Curriculum and Instruction degree graduates understand the principles of instruction know a wide variety of teaching strategies and learning theories and incorporate relevant technologies while teaching core concepts, skills of inquiry, problem posing/solving, collaboration, and communication to facilitate student learning.

Fast Facts

  • Students are able to select from 3 master projects.
  • Program is delivered online and face-to-face.
  • Faculty provide students with educational programs that are based on the lastest research.
  • Extensive web based instruction that serves students all over the world.
  • Master teacher
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Administrator
  • Supervisor
Job Placement


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Degree Roadmap

Study Plans and Curriculum 

Students prepare with initial advisor or major professor a master's degree study plan outlining all course work to be completed to fulfill the requirements for the degree. The study plan is approved by the student's major professor, departmental administrator, and the dean of the College of Graduate Studies. Any subsequent changes in the study plan must be submitted for approval to the Graduate College. Initial Study Plan beginning with Curriculum and Instruction Core Courses. Most core courses are offered in an online format to provide the maximum flexibility for professionals.

  • EDCI 570 Intro to Research in C&I 
  • EDCI 511 Planning and Administering the Curriculum 
  • EDCI 513 History of Educational Thought 
  • EDCI 524 Models of Teaching 
  • EDCI 572 Measurement and Evaluation 
  • EDCI 599 Non-Thesis Project 

Refer to the 2012-2013 catalog for required course work.  
Degree Prep To prepare for an Ed.S. or a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction students must have a Bachelor of Science. 

Transfer Courses:
The combined total of transfer credits, correspondence credits, non-degree credits, and approved credits more than 8 years at the time the degree is awarded will not exceed 12 credits for master's programs requiring 36 or fewer credits.
Scholarships Visit the Financial Aid office for available scholarships.
Get Involved
Get Involved
Internships Upon completion of your course work, you will be required to take certification exams by the state in which you will work. You also will complete a one semester internship experience in a classroom environment, where you will learn alongside experienced teachers. You also will receive personal mentorship from our leading education faculty. Learn more about semester internships.