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The College of Education offers a number of certification programs. Our accredited programs are highly respected and tailored toward individuals seeking initial certification as well as experienced educators seeking additional certifications and endorsements.

Athletic Training Certification

  • School Administration Certification (Principal or Superintendent)

    To learn about curriculum for the administration Certifications click on M.Ed. and Ed.S. degrees.

    To apply for the administrator certificate through the Idaho Department of Education, please go to theses websites.

    For an initial certificate:

    For a revision:

    The College of Education Certification Officer, Dr. Taylor Raney at 208-885-1027 will complete the institutional recommendation to be included in your application packet.

    Certification Process and Paperwork

    • Transcript Request Form - Request a copy of your University of Idaho transcript 

    • B1 Form - Application for an Idaho initial/reinstatement/interim professional education credential 

    • B3 Form - Institutional recommendation for Pre-K-12 Principal 

    • B4 Form - Institutional recommendation for Superintendents 

    • B5 Form - Institutional recommendation for Directors of Special Education 

    • B6 Form - Professional Experience Report 

    Questions: Please contact Dr. Taylor Raney, Certification Officer at 208-885-1027.

  • Teacher Certification

    Complete the following items below, including the B1 Form, B2 Form and UI transcript request form and submit with your fees, together in one packet within a month of graduation and/or completion of the program. Submit all items to Dr. Taylor Raney so that we may review your application for accuracy before sending to the Idaho State Department of Education.

    If mailing, send to:

    College of Education
    Attn: Taylor Raney
    875 Perimeter Drive MS 3084
    Moscow, ID 83844-3084

    NOTE: If you apply for certification prior to the end of your student teaching internship, your check for the application fee will not be deposited until after you graduate (or have completed your certification only program).

    B1 Form - Application for an Idaho Professional Education Credential

    Complete all items.

    • For Item #1: This is an Initial application.

    • For Item #3: Your choices for certificate are Standard Elementary, Standard Secondary, Standard Exceptional Child (Special Ed) and/or Early Childhood/Early Special Education Blended.

    • For Item #4: Your endorsement is the subject area i.e. mathematics, history, etc.

    • Remember to complete page 2 and sign at the bottom.

    • If you requested the Idaho State Department of Education to be one of your Praxis score recipients, you do NOT have to attach a copy of your results with your application. If you want to double-check, you may call the state at 208-332-6881. If not, please include a copy.

    • Attach a $75 check or money order made payable to Idaho State Department of Education.

    B2 Form- Institutional Recommendation for Idaho Professional Education Credentials

    This form will verify the completion of a State Board of Education-approved teacher preparation program, which is required to support the application for an Idaho credential.

    NOTE: Complete section 1 only. The address should be the location where you would like your certificate mailed.

    Transcripts - Download a transcript request form and follow instructions for completing the form below. Return this form to Student Services, located in the EDCA/ITED building, room 017A with the rest of your application. We do NOT want a transcript printed until after you graduate/complete the program. Therefore, DO NOT SEND THIS FORM TO THE REGISTRAR.

    Follow the instructions below for filling the request:

    • Fill in top portion with your name and address.

    • Fill in the top right box. Sign where indicated.

    • Fill in Send Transcripts section as follows:

      • Hold for PICK_UP: enter "Taylor".

      • Mail after my B.S. Ed. or Cert Only (choose one) DEGREE is posted.

      • Select “Official” and Number of Transcript(s): 1 .

      • For Mail to, enter the following:

        • Idaho State Department of Education
          Office of Teacher Certification
          PO Box 83720
          Boise, ID 83720-0027

    • Attach a $7 check or money order made payable to UI Bursar or you may include your credit card number.

    ** You are responsible for ordering transcripts from any other institutions of higher learning that you have attended. Have them sent directly to the Idaho State Department of Education (address above). Only the coursework that you have completed at the University of Idaho (including study abroad) will appear on your official UI transcript.

    Note: You will receive your teaching certificate from the Idaho State Department of Education approximately 10-12 weeks after the close of the semester in which you received your degree and/or completed the certification only program.

    Questions: Please contact Dr. Taylor Raney, Certification Officer at 208-885-1027.