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Athena Presidents

Traci Craig
Athena Co-President - Faculty
Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Julie Lang Lorentz
Athena Co-President - Staff
Coordinator, Professional Development & Learning

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Needs Assessment

2010 Athena Needs Assessment

In September of 2010, an email survey was distributed to female staff and faculty in an effort to assess their needs and the role of Athena in serving its constituents. A total of 307 respondents participated in the survey. The survey assessed women’s knowledge of and participation in Athena, what they thought the organization’s priorities should be, workplace satisfaction, and it identified what respondents saw as a potential benefit to joining Athena. An open forum was held in mid November to discuss campus climate issues that emerged from the survey and to ask participants to further define the issues and help identify short and long term solutions.

The attached report discusses the survey and forum findings.

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