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Organizational Changes in Safety, Security and Parking

September 5, 2012

Ron Smith

I would like to announce two changes in the organization chart for the Division of Finance and Administration (DFA). Both changes are being made without additional resources or administrative personnel. Starting July 1, Parking and Transportation Services will be reporting through Facility Services, and as of Sept. 1, we have added a Department of Public Safety and Security.

Parking and Transportation Services

In an effort to put more focus on campus safety, to improve collaboration, and to continuously improve campus safety and security processes, DFA will be implementing a modified organizational structure, merging University of Idaho Emergency and Security Services, Risk Management, and Environmental Health and Safety. Matt Dorschel has been named the executive director of this unit.

The new organization will enable improved professional relationships and opportunities for collaboration. The safety and well-being of University of Idaho students, employees and the public is the principal mission of all the programs. In the event of an emergency, our personnel, expertise and resources are available to assist in the management and response of the incident. Legal and regulatory demands often overlap different areas requiring coordination among these programs. A review by the Department of Homeland Security in 2010 identified Risk, EHS and ESS as areas that would benefit from a better aligned and more formal organizational relationship. Issues related to infrastructure, research activities, occupant protection and emergency response were all identified as elements of institutional safety that demand a well-coordinated effort by these programs.

Our primary objective is an effective and efficient safety and security program. This initiative will enable improved response times and resource allocation to address the highest priorities in safety and security, and it positions the University of Idaho to evolve and expand safety and security in the future. Integrated emergency response by all programs, expansion and conversion of security programs utilizing University security personnel, internal dispatch services and better internal control of security are all desired outcomes of merging these programs.

Ron Smith
Vice President for Finance and Administration