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DFA 6 x 3 Strategic Focus


The Business Unit Leaders within the Division of Finance & Administration have committed to moving the DFA forward through achieving six strategic focus areas within the next three years (aka the “6 x 3” Strategic Focus).

The Strategic Focus areas are a set of directives that we believe will cause a transformative and cultural shift in our thinking. Our goal in constructing the 6 x 3 Strategic Focus was to create a forward leaning organization: one which develops current and future leaders, one capable of innovative thinking toward a continuous improvement culture and coordinated strategic business units, and one capable of shared services initiatives.

Year One Expectations 2012

  1. Create a Strategic Learning Organization where the system develops mechanisms to learn from itself and discover cutting edge competitive market trends.
    1. Implement Performance Evaluation (Management) Systems designed to support the five core leadership competencies and MBO Process for Business Unit leaders.
    2. Implement leadership Development Circles (group co-created learning) where new knowledge in cutting edge industry trends are examined with Unit leaders during Scheduled DFA meetings.
  2. Develop Strategic Thinking and Performance Driven Leaders capable of designing both individual and business unit goals which support the overall University goals and the direction of the DFA. Strategic thinking leaders must also be able to masters the design of performance driven measurements.
    1. Roll out and Train leaders on the five Core Leadership Competencies needed to achieve. Conduct bi-annual and annual surveys on each Business Unit leader’s progress.
    2. Design MBO Performance Management System to be rolled out to Business Unit Leaders.
  3. Establish and Embed a Continuous Improvement Processinto The University of Idaho Culture where members at all levels of the institution can design, change and measure quality improvements.
    1. Launch Continuous Improvement Program designed to train employees’ university-wide on continuous improvement techniques (year one).
    2. Establish Advisory Board to advice of process improvement techniques to cohort members, and give oversight to the selection of University-wide process improvement requests (year one).
    3. Conduct several process improvement & change events utilizing outside mentors that provide experiential learning opportunities for cohort members (year one).
    4. Establish PDCA sustainment system inside all DFA Kaizen improvements initiatives (year one).
  4. Facilitate Strategic Planning in all Strategic Business Units within the DFA and train each unit on how to self-sustain the Planning process
    1. Facilitate Strategic Planning sessions for each Business Unit utilizing a Multiple-level process. (year one).
    2. Launch Quarterly Strategic Repositioning Summits where each unit leader provides updates to other unit leaders on strategic gains, thus producing DFA synergies (year one).
    3. Facilitate strategic repositioning at the Business unit levels (year one).