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Continuous Improvement

The Continuous Improvement Training Program

The Center has established a Continuous Improvement training program for twenty-four University employees from different units across campus. This result is small, yet effective point projects in progress in areas all over the university along with collaboration and the sharing of best practices. Some examples include:

  • A high performance workplace that now supports productivity and Best Practice Standards.
  • A set-up guide aiding new hires to get themselves established quicker with less confusion, which allows them to begin productive work sooner.
  • A simple, color-coded one sheet document with all routing processes outlined. This eliminates returned documents and multiple phone calls seeking help.
  • A revision of an instructional sheet for setting up equipment. This resulted in users setting up that equipment 60% faster.
  • A process was created where there was none for communicating with customers when jobs are completed, resulting in better customer service and feedback.
  • Created an easy process and training for employees to make inventory adjustments clearing a backlog and fixing inaccurate inventory values.

Continuous Improvement Training Handouts

Team Leaders

Contact any of our Team Leaders to assist you in identifying continuous improvement projects.

Lean Advisory Board

  • Ellen Schreiber
  • Larry Stauffer
  • Mychal Coleman
  • Ron Smith
  • Scott Metlen
  • Steve Beyerlein
  • Tyrone Brooks

Ready for the Next Step?

We will assist you and your business unit or college in conducting strategic planning events designed to build collaboration, drive innovation, boost customer service and encourage continuous improvement. This gives every staff member the opportunity to actively participate and contribute in the achievement of the University of Idaho’s strategic goals.