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Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration
Administration Building
Room 211
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3168
Moscow, ID 83844-3168
Phone: (208) 885-6174
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Continuous Improvement

Whatever your vision, we can help make it a reality!

Strategic Initiatives and Continuous Improvement Services is dedicated to supporting any business unit, program or academic department in achieving its goals. The process of change is not an easy undertaking, we can provide diagnostic tools that enhance and align congruence between strategy, organizational structure, processes and people in order to further the Division of Finance and Administration mission.

How The Service Works

  • We work with you to look at your current processes; see the details, map the flow, walk through and document them end-to-end and note the connection points with other users. This procedure helps identify any gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • We conduct surveys, focus groups and interviews with your customers and peers which help build the right strategy for your group.
  • Assist with standardizing your current processes and training, which builds continuity, awareness and a culture of continuous improvement.
  • We partner with and help you achieve any strategic or restructuring planning in your unit.
  • Teach and mentor you on how to bring strategic thinking integration to your staff.
  • Provide the tools to create and sustain continuous improvement in your culture.
  • Facilitates Strategic Planning sessions.
  • Design and facilitate organizational process, procedures and strategies.
  • Design and facilitate change management initiatives
  • Builds training programs to assist customers in continuous improvement to achieve greater organizational effectiveness.

Examples of Projects

  • Organizational Design
  • Action Research
  • Coordinate an effective approach to an organization-wide strategy
  • Develop performance improvement project teams
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational change management
  • Survey feedback
  • Kaizen
  • Continuous quality improvement

Ready for the Next Step?

We will assist you and your business unit or college in conducting strategic planning events designed to build collaboration, drive innovation, boost customer service and encourage continuous improvement. This gives every staff member the opportunity to actively participate and contribute in the achievement of the University of Idaho’s strategic goals.