• Overview
  • The science behind a thriving body.

    The human body is a complex machine. To keep it running smoothly, it must be fueled properly.

    In this program, you will explore the nutritional needs of the body and examine the role of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body’s biochemical processes. Learn to apply this knowledge to advise clients about their diets, help children eat healthier foods, or create nutrition plans for hospitals, nursing homes, and other clinical environments.

    Students who complete this program are eligible to take the Registered Dietitian (R.D.) exam for practice as a licensed dietitian in a variety of settings.

  • Degree Fit
  • This program could be a good fit if you:
    • Are interested in food and nutrition
    • Lead a healthy lifestyle
    • Like chemistry and biology
    • Work well with people
    • Have strong communication skills
  • Career Outcomes
  • With this degree, you could become a/an:
    • Clinical dietician
    • Community dietician
    • Health educator
    • Management dietician
    • Independent consultant
  • Available in Online/On Campus Combination Available in Online/On Campus Combination
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