• Overview
  • Inspire creativity.

    Art is a critically important part of youth education. It stimulates development, fuels imagination, nurtures self-esteem and builds valuable life skills.

    In this program, you will build your own artistic talents and prepare to teach studio art and design in schools, community centers, galleries, museums and other art organizations. Rigorous studio training will develop your technical skills, while coursework in the College of Education will equip you with the teaching methods that you will need for your future classroom.

    Graduates of this program are eligible to become a certified K-12 art teacher in elementary and secondary public schools.

  • Degree Fit
  • This program could be a good fit if you:
    • Have strong artistic skills
    • Enjoy working with children
    • Are organized, flexible and creative
    • Are positive and enthusiastic
    • Have excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Career Outcomes
  • With this degree, you could become a/an:
    • Middle school/junior high art teacher
    • Elementary art specialist
    • High school art teacher
    • Charter school or alternative school art teacher
    • Private school art teacher
    • Community art program teacher/director
    • Parks and recreation art program teacher/director
    • Art school teacher/artist
    • Gallery/museum educator
    • Independent artist
    • Art nonprofit employee
    • Summer camp/retreat art program instructor
    • Summer school art program director
    • Private business art consultant