Conference Agenda

The conference will be held at both North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene and the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.  Participants at the two sites will be joined through videoconferencing. Our goal in using this ground-breaking, two-site format is to make high-quality presentations and interactions available to people across the state, while minimizing travel time and expenses for conference participants.

Download the March 19, 2013 student day detailed agenda
Download the March 20, 2013 community day detailed agenda

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  • ▼  Student Sessions | March 19, 2013

    12:30-5:30 pm Pacific / 1:30-6:30 pm Mtn

    Sessions will provide an overview of wastewater and solid waste management from a community perspective, share success stories, plan for future activities and get a chance to explore career opportunities and network with community sustainability professionals.
    Session 1: Trends in community sustainability
    Students will learn about waste water and solid waste management challenges facing communities today and in the next 20 years and hear about employment opportunities for a variety of career interests (hint: it's not just for science majors!).

    Session 2: Ignite Campus Sustainability Successes
    Students from U-Idaho, NIC, CSI and surrounding colleges will share campus success stories in a fun and fast-paced Ignite format (5 minutes, 20 slides that advance automatically). Ignite events have been held around the world and the tagline says it all: enlighten us, but make it quick.

    Session 3: Student Advocacy
    University of Idaho's Sustainability Center will host an event allowing students from U-Idaho, NIC, CSI, and other institutions to network, learn from peers about successes and challenges, and plan future regional activities.

    Session 4: Networking 101 and Career Reception
    Student attendees will learn the art of networking from Career Services staff. Professionals will share their perspective of what it's like to work for community-serving agencies. Students will then have the opportunity to interact with and practice networking with these representatives of organizations working with Idaho communities on sustainability issues.
  • ▼  Professional & Local Leaders Sessions | March 20, 2013

    8:00 am-5:00 pm Pacific /9:00 am-6:00 pm Mtn

    Sessions will review the current and expected state of solid waste and wastewater management in Idaho communities, explore promising and proven strategies and technologies, and showcase innovation in Idaho. Participants will explore strategies to involve community stakeholders in the decision-making process as well as opportunities for funding these types of projects.

    Session 1: Changing Contexts for Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment
    Explore strategies for cost-effective sustainable water treatment and solid waste streams, what the changing landscape of federal funding will mean for future projects and upcoming trends in processing solid waste.

    Session 2: Ignite Idaho Community Case Studies
    Learn about waste water and solid waste projects from communities around the state. Presenters will use the fast-paced Ignite format (5 minutes, 20 slides that advance automatically) to share a project overview, how they overcame obstacles, project funding and long-term goals and plans.

    Session 3: Looking Ahead Towards New Technologies and Opportunities
    Explore new technological opportunities available for solid waste management and wastewater treatment. Presenters will cover strategies to reduce costs and identify economic development opportunities that turn costs into profits.

    Session 4: Strategies for Financing Projects
    This interactive session will provide answers to questions such as:

    • How best to fund different types of projects?
    • What are the basic things that need to be in place to successfully fund and complete a project?
    • What funding strategies fit best in which circumstances?