wheat and sunset


Vision—Identify best practices and funding opportunities that support education programs, research, community outreach, systems, and services aimed at sustainable practices. 

Provide an environment for information sharing between peer institutions on successful sustainability practices and programs.

Indicators for success—

  1. Increased programs and activities directed at energy efficiency, resource management, waste minimization, reallocation of resources, and the use of renewable energy.
  2. Enhanced sustainability concepts in academic and co-curricular program curricula.
  3. Reduced operating costs as a result of sustainable practices.
  4. Increased waste stream management and reduction of waste generation.
  5. Well-developed procurement policies that promote sustainable practices.
  6. Implementation of sustainable design buildings, grounds, energy sources, roads, and other forms of infrastructure.
  7. Available funding opportunities that support the SPNR mission.

Values Statements

  1. Be Inclusive
  2. Always look for learning opportunities
  3. Be stewards for the environment
  4. Be Innovative
  5. Empower campuses and communities
  6. Be sustainable – socially, economically and environmentally