How to Join

Incentives for joining

By joining SPNR, you will have the opportunity to build capacity through networking, and to participate in facilitated discussions regarding sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation. This collaborative network works to create a platform for information sharing of expertise and resources between institutions of the same region that are facing similar issues. 

In addition SPNR works directly with each member to identify their needs and interests in sustainable practices. Topical workshops and webinars will be designed for members based on identified needs and interests. The workshops and webinars will aim to give members the knowledge and tools to bring back to their institution to create successful initiatives or programs. SPNR members will also be invited to showcase their successes so others may learn from them.

Future goals include

  • Co-writing case study whitepapers about sense-of-place oriented solutions that work
  • Creating faculty, staff and student training and resource packs
  • Develop of bioregion-wide adaptation and climate action plan
  • Workshops and webinars

How to Join

Dues are $250/year/institution.   To join, contact Adria Mead or Jeannie Matheison at 208-885-0126,,