18 E-Waste Collection Sites

18 Collection Sites On Campus (Click for Map)
  1. Administration Building (second floor in copy room)
  2. Main Library (first floor in the fish bowl area)
  3. Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk (second floor by the entrance door)
  4. Living Learning Center 24-Hour Help Desk (by the vending machines and computers)
  5. Campus Commons (near the Information desk, across from Einstein’s)
  6. College of Natural Resources (first floor by the recycling bins)
  7. College of Engineering (first floor by the vending machine)
  8. Law School (first floor by the school year pictures)
  9. Student Recreation Center (first floor by the entrance door)
  10. Student Union Building (first floor by the Registrar’s Office)
  11. Theophilus Tower (first floor in the lounge)
  12. ASUI-Kibbie Activity Center (first floor by the Northeast entry doors)
  13. Shoup Hall (third floor in UISC conference room)
  14. Wallace Residence Center mail room (basement by the Information Desk)
  15. Morrill Hall (first floor by the vending machine)
  16. Education building (first floor by the paper recycling at the Trio department)
  17. Albertson building, School of Business (third floor in the staff lounge)
  18. Art & Architecture South building (first floor by entrance door)

Materials You Can Recycle

The following materials will be collected and recycled free of charge.

  • cell phones
  • all handheld wireless devices
  • empty ink cartridges (with or without box)
  • cell phone batteries, accessories, and chargers

*We cannot accept regular batteries

What happens to your old cell phones and empty ink cartridges?
All your materials will be sent to Evolve Recycling. The materials will be handled in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, by an entirely U.S.-based workforce. Empty ink cartridges will be refilled and reused. Collected cell phones will be reused, refurbished, or smelted down for metal and plastic components to be made into new products. Items that can be reused are sold to citizens or companies in the US. Less than 1% of the materials collected by Evolve go into landfills. Revenue generated by this program is used to promote other UISC events and projects.

If we do not have collection boxes available in your building, please contact us at (208) 885-0125 or uisc@uidaho.edu. We will collect materials from you while you wait for your order to be processed.