Sustainable Materials Management Grant

In Fall 2013, the University of Idaho Sustainability Center (UISC) was awarded a $20,000 Sustainable Materials Management grant from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) to help initiate a new, standardized recycling program at the Kibbie Dome Activity Center. The grant also incorporates an educational campaign about waste reduction, and specifically the harmful effects single use plastic water-bottles have on our environment. This grant was initiated, organized and largely written by UI students.  

With these grant funds, the UISC has been able to purchase needed infrastructure and initiate promotional packages to help raise awareness about this new program. Our fund expenditures include new recycling bins to help the activity center reach a 1-to-1 recycling-to-landfill ratio, signage displays on and above every bin, educational workshops, and one promotional recycling student intern. University Support Services has also contributed funds towards recycling bins and signage infrastructure in support of this new program.

The UISC would like to thank all of our key partners who have made this effort possible.

  • Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ)
  • University Support Services
  • University of Idaho Environmental Club
  • The Moscow Recycling Center
  • University of Idaho Facilities
Recycle Poster
Recycle Poster