Stateline Wetlands

Since 2006, groups of 5-7 female students have been working on the Stateline Wetland Restoration Project as project managers, administrators, laborers, and grant writers. In four years they have converted a degraded water treatment site into a community wildlife park as well as an educational and research aid.

Volunteers have planted almost 2,000 native trees and shrubs for habitat and water quality improvement. The group has been successful in recruiting funding and volunteer assistance from several community organizations for acquisition of native vegetation, safety upgrades, weed management, bird habitat improvement, and building of a wildlife observation deck with a living roof.

Working with a local landscape architect, they have designed a trail system through the wetland to be narrated by a series of six interpretive signs soon to be installed. These include a welcome sign as well as information about native plants, birds and wildlife, stream restoration, and an overview of how wetlands function. As one student said about the work, "My work at Stateline Wetlands has given me the gift of power. This activity, more than any other, has convinced me that my actions do make a difference. Since then I have dedicated myself to passing on that gift. I want to show others that individual actions can indeed change the world."

Contact: Chris Dixon, Environmental Science Program Advisor, 208.885.6113, cdixon@uidaho.edu