Mini Grants

Student Grants

Superpowers not required!

Being a Vandal involves more than just posting straight A’s and being a leader in any one of a dozen industries, it’s like being a revered action hero. Idaho students are known for their vision, willingness to give back to their communities, and ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible. They’re innovators armed with super smarts and a forte for rallying the masses, which is why we need them to join this vital quest.  

Every year UISC awards $9,000 in grants to fund student-led projects that advance campus sustainability. Grants are available to any U-Idaho undergraduate, graduate, or law student. Requests for Student-Led Grants are posted in August

UISC welcomes all project ideas; however, special consideration will be given for projects that focus on:
  • Climate Change & Carbon Neutrality
  • Campus Food Systems
  • Campus Waste Reduction (Reducing, Reusing & Recycling)
  • Campus Culture Shift
How to Apply for Grants
Please contact the Sustainability Center Project Coordinator to discuss your project ideas. Email