UI Sustainability Center Volunteer Opportunities help students meet Service Learning and Philanthropic requirements. Check with your professor to see if these volunteer opportunities meet your requirements. For a complete printable list of UISC volunteer events click here.
Food & Farm
Flex your sorting muscles today! Volunteers teach and assist Commons food court patrons to sort their lunch leftovers into Compost, Recyclable and Landfill containers. Volunteering is an hour long, starting on the half hour, from 9:30 to 3:30 every weekday. After you volunteer you get a FREE meal from the commons food court!
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Get Rooted
Get Rooted is replanting the Palouse prairie with native trees, shrubs, and groundcover. We will teach the importance of native tree planting and demonstrate the proper tree planting procedures. Then it’s time to get DIRTY! Get Rooted is a fun and interactive way to spend part of your day.
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Game Day Recycling
Come to Game Day Recycling! This volunteering opportunity not only fulfills your service learning requirements, but it helps the Sustainability Center earn money toward expanding recycling on campus. Tailgate/Pregame Volunteers: Join other volunteers to mingle with tailgaters and help them recycle! Tailgate begins two hours before the game and ends a half hour into the game. Volunteering here will also gain you a free T-shirt! Game Volunteers: Teach football game patrons how to sort their leftover game snacks into composting, recycling and landfill bins.
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Get Dirty
There's nothing like gardening and playing in the dirt! Volunteer with the Soil Stewards out at the at the UI organic farm through planting seeds, harvesting crops, and aiding with other needed tasks. Part of the Soil Stewards' harvest is bought by Campus Dining and served to students throughout the UI campus during the fall semester.
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Leave No Trace
Give a Hoot and volunteer for Leave No Trace. This student-led initiative is powered by volunteers who restore popular recreational areas from litter-boxes into scenic destinations for wildlife and humans alike. We’ll be picking up trash and recycling at location’s like Mann Lake, Idlers Rest and Boyer Park. Check with your professor to meet your service learning, volunteer or philanthropic requirements.
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Free Cycle
As students move out of the dorms they throw out lots of useful items, such as televisions, lamps, furniture and various electronics. But this stuff isn’t trash. Freecycle needs your help to keep this stuff out of the waste-stream by collecting it, sorting it, and giving it away for FREE!
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