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About Us

The Office of Community Partnerships supports Idaho communities through research and student projects focused on local priorities.  We provide a front door for Idaho communities to access university resources, including UI Extension, the Service-Learning Center, and faculty throughout the university.  We also serve as a resource for faculty and students interested in working around the state to help find solutions for complex and diverse community issues.

Check out Debbie Gray's presentation about OCP at the New Faculty Orientation 2013 here.

We recently joined forces with the student-led UI Sustainability Center to specifically address community priorities in the area of sustainable development and to provide new learning opportunities for the Sustainability Center’s many student volunteers and service-learning participants.

Our projects aim to advance innovation and sustainability, build leadership, and create vibrant communities.

We can help your community or organization by:

  • Connecting you with UI Extension and other faculty
  • Developing service-learning, internship, and student volunteer projects
  • Gathering and analyzing information on local trends and characteristics
  • Partnering on grant proposals

Statewide presence. Our office in Boise provides a link to state agencies, industry associations, and the university’s southern and eastern Idaho regional centers. Our Moscow office links to faculty, students and staff on our main campus, as well as to our northern Idaho regional center.

Want to learn more?  Explore our site to see a snapshot of what the University of Idaho is doing around the state, including community and economic development projects on local food systems, public space design, and sustainable livestock production. You will find stories about student and faculty projects on the Moscow campus and in communities in every part of the state.

Have an idea?  Contact us to find expertise at the university or explore a partnership that addresses your community’s priorities. 

Darin Saul, Interim Director