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Flickr Guidelines

Flickr is an online photo management and sharing tool that allows individuals and organizations to make content available to their selected audiences. Flickr can be used to give a virtual tour, promote events and share event photos, create customized posters, feed photos for marketing pieces and Web sites, share information across organizations with multiple locations and so on.

Photos Guidelines

  • Be accurately annotated using the Title and Description fields. Doing so will make it easier for you to search through the photo stream later and help other people find your photos.
  • Be tagged (labeled with keywords that help describe the photo); this is very important in Flickr because it forms the basis of Flickr's powerful search features.
  • Follow the university's organizational framework.
  • Allow for use by the university in promotional materials. If you don't want the image used, don't post it on Flickr.
  • Must fit within the following accounts maintained by the university:
    • uidahophotos
    • uidahovandals
    • uidahonews