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U-Idaho Social Media Guidelines

No matter how people want to get their information about the University – in print, online, on a smart phone or via whatever futuristic gadget you might imagine – we are committed to being open and transparent.

Remember, just like the telephone didn’t replace the face-to-face meeting over coffee, and e-mail didn’t replace the telephone, social media doesn’t replace other forms of connecting with people. So like the telephone and e-mail before it, social media is the latest change in how people are connecting and communicating. But the change is purely tactical; University standards and values don’t change.

Social Media Goals

  • Position the University as a leader in technology, research, and sustainability.
  • Advance the understanding of strategically identified areas, including a commitment to be a more entrepreneurial university; a more engaged university; a more sustainable university; a more globally connected university; a more diverse university; and a university that is more interdisciplinary.
  • Facilitate the syndication of the University's priorities, strategic direction, and student resources.
  • Facilitate the syndication of information for student recruitment.
  • Engage prospective students where they already are on the Web, and deliver actionable content necessary for advancing into admitted students.
  • Engage alumni and build an online network of informed, engaged and active alumni.
  • Facilitate the syndication of the university’s priorities, strategic direction, and overall positive impact for the state of Idaho.

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