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Department of Biological Sciences
Neuroscience Program
Life Sciences South 252
875 Perimeter Dr MS 3051
Moscow, ID 83844-3051

(208) 885-6280

Hands-On Experience

Regardless of your specialization, you will gain research experience in all three areas of the program (neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience and computational neuroscience) and you will conduct laboratory experiments with personal mentorship from faculty with expertise in a variety of disciplines. Your research experiences may include:
  • Thesis or Dissertation: Substantial original research is required of both M.S. and Ph.D. students, under the supervision of the major professor. Significant and high-quality original research is the principal objective of the graduate degree in neuroscience. It is expected that this research be published in peer-reviewed literature as one or more manuscripts. In addition, M.S. students complete a written thesis, and Ph.D. students a written dissertation, which must be approved by the students’ committees. The thesis or dissertation is presented at a public seminar.
  • Fellowships and Assistantships: Students in the neuroscience graduate program are encouraged to apply for a research assistantship and other funding opportunities for student research.
  • Rotations: All Ph.D. students are encouraged to engage in a full academic year of research rotations, conducting research in up to four different laboratories and prior to final selection of a major professor.