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Department of Biological Sciences
Neuroscience Program
Life Sciences South 252
875 Perimeter Dr MS 3051
Moscow, ID 83844-3051

(208) 885-6280

Program Curriculum

The M.S. in Neuroscience requires a minimum 32 credits. The Neuroscience program assumes the usual graduate full time load of at least nine credits per semester.

Incoming students admitted with background deficiencies will take background courses. For example, biology majors with little knowledge of computation will take at least one background course in computer science. The specific required background courses will be determined by each students graduate committee with the approval of the program director. 

Curriculum (32 credits minimum):

 Curricular Summary: M.S. Neuroscience
Background As determined on admission -
NEUR 508 Topics in Neuroscience (repeated enrollment-1 cr) 3 cr
NEUR 520 Fundamentals of Neurobiology 4 cr.
NEUR 521 Biological Signal Processing 3 cr.
NEUR 526 Cognitive Neuroscience 3 cr.
PHIL 450 or equivalent Ethics in Science 3 cr.
STAT 431 or PSYCH 585 Statistical Analysis or Research Methods 3 cr.
ELECTIVES Determined by student’s committee 4 cr.
NEUR 500 Thesis 9 cr.
Total (minimum): 32 cr.