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Environmental Science & Water Resources Program
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3006
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3006

Phone: (208) 885-6113

ENVS 501 - Seminar

Two credits of ENVS 501 are required to complete the master's degree at a distance.

ENVS 501 is completed at a distance under the supervision of the EnvS director. Students attend 20 events (10 per credit) related to environmental issues. These can be conferences, seminars, public meetings (planning and zoning meetings, for example), and more. If you are not sure if an event would be eligible for 501 credit, just email your adviser, Alecia Hoene, at hoene@uidaho.edu.

For each event, do a write-up of 1-3 paragraphs describing 1) who, what, where, and when, 2) how the event relates to your course of study, and, 3) what you learned. How could the content presented be applied to your studies and/or work? Did you agree or disagree with the content presented? What was the most thought provoking aspect of the event?

Compile your write-ups in a Word or Excel document. When you have completed your events, send the document to Alecia Hoene at hoene@uidaho.edu. Your document must be received no later than Monday of the last week of the semester (Finals Week). Alecia will review the assignment for completeness, then submit it to the ENVS program director for final feedback and review.

If taking both credits in one semester is not feasible, you can register for one credit at a time, completing 10 events each semester.