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Assistantships are open to domestic and international students who hold a baccalaureate degree from any university or college of recognized standing and who are regularly enrolled students in the College of Graduate Studies. Both teaching and research positions are available. Applicants to the Environmental Science Masters program do not have to apply for assistantship positions, but are automatically considered based on available funding.
Student working in the field

M.S. Environmental Science

The University of Idaho has developed an M.S. in environmental science to provide students with an understanding of the complexity of environmental problems, and an integrated and coherent approach to solving them.

M.S. EnvS students can emphasize a broad range of topics through our flexible curriculum:

The director of the National Science Foundation has stated, "For the twenty-first century, our goal must be to understand, and learn to keep in balance, the bio-complexity of all of Earth's ecosystems." This charge will require scientists trained both in disciplinary fields and in inter- and multi-disciplinary areas such as environmental science.

Admission to the master's program is based on the compatibility of the student’s research interests with those of the major professor, the availability of research support, and the student’s academic record and potential.

The student develops a graduate program of at least 30 semester hours in consultation with his or her major professor and supervisory committee. The student is expected to actively participate in one or more seminar presentations during the course of his or her graduate career.