Water Resources

Water Resources
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EnvS Faculty - Physical Science

Geography professor John Abatzoglou
John Abatzoglou, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dr. John Abatzoglou conducts research on a multitude of weather and climate phenomena, and is particularly interested in the role they have on wildfire, water resources, and ecosystems of the western United States.
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Vladimir Munich 2013
Vladimir Aizen, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Research Interests: Alpine Glaciology, Alpine Hydrology, Alpine Climatology
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Dr. Eric Aston, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
D. Eric Aston, Ph.D.
Interim Chair
BEL 301 | 208-885-6953
After joining the Chemical Engineering faculty at the University of Idaho in the summer of 2001, Dr. Eric Aston branched out into various areas of colloids, thin films, polymeric and magnetic materials, nanotechnology and nanomechanics using atomic force microscopy (AFM), Langmuir-Blodgett deposition, and other complimentary techniques.
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Jan Boll, Ph.D.
Director of Environmental Science, Water Resources, and Professional Science Masters Programs

(208) 885-6113 | jboll@uidaho.edu
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Erin Brooks
Erin Brooks, Ph.D.
Research Support Scientist II

(208) 885-6562 | ebrooks@uidaho.edu
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Dr. I. Francis Cheng
I. Francis Cheng, Ph.D.
Renfrew 26 | 885-6387
Research: Electrochemical remediation of halocarbons; antioxidant action.
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Erik Coats
Erik R. Coats, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
Current Research and Activities: Advancement of a sustainable microbial wastewater treatment process for the removal of phosphorus, Synthesis of biological, biodegradable thermoplastics coupled with wastewater treatment, and Removal and fate of zinc in compost bioreactors treating mine drainage
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Dakins promo
Maxine Dakins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Environmental statistics; Environmental decision analysis; Probabilistic risk analysis; Bayesian analysis; Natural resource policy and law; Public participation; Pollution prevention
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Donald Elger
Donald Elger, Ph.D., P.E.
Technology Entrepreneurship; Learning Theory; Organizational Theory; Fluid Mechanics; Heat Transfer
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Jerry Fairley
Jerry Fairley, Ph.D.
Professor - Hydrogeology
Research Interests: Multiphase flow and transport in heterogeneous porous media; Faults and fluid flow; Geothermal systems/EGS
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Fritz Fiedler
Fritz Fiedler, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
Research interests: Measurements and modeling of hydrologic and environmental systems.
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Geography professor Tim Frazier
Tim G. Frazier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dr. Frazier's research involves climate change, hazards, and urban sustainability. Raised in a region exposed to several types of geophysical hazards, Dr. Frazier's expertise is coupled with first-hand experience and personal interest.
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Dennis Geist
Dennis J. Geist, Ph.D.
Professor - Igneous Petrology, Volcanology
Research Interests: Volcanology of the Galapagos Islands, Northern Andes, Snake River Plain, Iceland, and Antarctica; Geology and island biodiversity
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Mickey Gunter
Mickey Gunter, Ph.D.
Department Chair & Professor - Mineralogy, Optical Mineralogy
Research Interests: Health effects of mineral dusts; Optical mineralogy; Zeolites
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Robert Heinse
Robert Heinse
Assistant Professor

(208) 5208 | rheinse@uidaho.edu
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Geography Professor Jeffrey Hicke
Jeffrey Hicke, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dr. Hicke studies global environmental change issues across a range of spatial and temporal scales. He investigates the interaction of climate, forests, and disturbances such as wildfire and insect outbreaks.
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karen humes
Karen Humes, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Professor
Research Interests: Applications of remote sensing and GIS in hydrology, environmental science, and planning for renewable energy.
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Crystal Kolden, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Wildfire Management; Ecology; Climate Impacts; GIS; Remote Sensing; Invasive Species
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Tim Link adjusts experiment material
Timothy E. Link
Professor of Hydrology with UI Since 2001
Research Interests: Forest hydrology; Snow hydrology; Vegetation atmosphere interactions;* Hydrologic Modeling
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Paul McDaniel
Paul McDaniel
Department Head and Professor

(208) 885-7012 | paulm@uidaho.edu
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Armando McDonald
Armando McDonald
Professor, Biomaterials and Bioproducts
Research Interests: Biopolymers and bioplastics synthesis/biosynthesis from waste streams; Biobased composite materials research, including fiber modifications and product prototype development; Development of biobased fuels from biomass, including pyrolysis and synthesis gas upgrading to gasoline; Understanding wood/xylem formation using a combined biochemistry/proteomics approach
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Amber Moore
Associate Professor

(208) 736-3629 | amberm@uidaho.edu
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Jim Osiensky
James Osiensky, Ph.D.
Professor - Groundwater Hydrology
Research Interests: Contaminant hydrogeology; Hydrogeologic site characterization; Hydrogeophysical applications in hydrogeology; Groundwater resource evaluation
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Dr. Sofie Pasilis
Sofie P. Pasilis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Renfrew 03 | 885-4014
Research: Actinide speciation in room temperature ionic liquids and supercritical fluids. Solution, surface, and biocoordination chemistry of the actinides. Physical and chemical processes occurring at mineral/water interfaces. Development of analytical methods for mass spectrometry and vibrational spectroscopy.
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Batric Pesic
Batric Pesic, Ph.D.
MCCL 407B | 885-6569
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Extractive Metallurgy, Bio-Corrosion and Remediation
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Dr. You Qiang
You Qiang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
My recent research interests mainly include two areas: (1) Nanomagnetism of clusters and cluster-assembled materials for biomedical and environmental applications, and (2) Magneto-optical properties of ZnO based spintronic nanoclusters.
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Russell Quals
Russell Qualls, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(208) 885-6184 | rqualls@uidaho.edu
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Bahman Shafii
Director of Statistical Programs and Professor

(208) 885-9498 | bshafii@uidaho.edu
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Alistair Smith
Alistair Smith
Associate Professor; Program Lead, Fire Ecology and Management; Director, Idaho Fire Initiative for Research and Education (IFIRE)
Research Interests: Remote sensing, forestry, fire science, smoke and air quality
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Dan Strawn
Daniel Strawn

(208) 885-2713 | dgstrawn@uidaho.edu
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Dr. John C. Tracy
IWRRI Director
322 E. Front Street, Suite 242
Unversity of Idaho
Boise, ID 83702
Phone:(208) 332-4422
» tracy@uidaho.edu
Chemical Engineering professor Vivek Utgikar
Vivek Utgikar, Ph.D., P.E.
BEL 309 | 208-885-6970
Dr. Utgikar has process development, design and engineering experience in organic chemical industry and has been a consultant to a number of industries in the areas of process/product improvement and environmental compliance.
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Dr. Ray von Wandruszka
Ray von Wandruszka, Ph.D.
Department Chair & Professor
Renfrew 116,331 | 885-4672
Research: Chemistry of humic materials, surface active agents, especially non-ionic ones, and the clouding phenomena associated with these compounds.
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Dr. Chien M. Wai
Chien M. Wai, Ph.D.
Renfrew 101A | 885-6787
Research: Supercritical fluid extraction of metals and radioisotopes, Making metal films in supercritical fluids, Microemulsion templated synthesis of nanoparticles, Carbon nanotube-supported nanoparticle catalysts
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Elowyn Yager
Elowyn Yager, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dr. Yager's research interests focus on gaining a mechanistic understanding of the interactions between flow turbulence, sediment transport and river morphology.
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Brian Yanites
Brian Yanites, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor - Geomorphology
Research Interests: Geomorphology; Landscape evolution; Climate-tectonic-topography interactions; Tectonic geomorphology; Numerical modeling of landscape processes
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