Science and Management

Entry Requirements

Coursework in the following is required for (M.S. and Ph.D.) admission to the Water Resources Science & Management Option Area. Provisional admission for M.S. students may be granted to those who have completed the majority of this coursework, provided the remaining coursework is completed as deficiency requirements.

Calculus (6 credits)
Statistics (3 credits)
Chemistry or Physics or Biology/Ecology (6 credits total)

Common Courses

The following courses are required of both M.S. and Ph.D. students in all of the Water Resources Option Areas.

WR 501 Water Resources Seminar (1 cr.)
WR 506 Interdisciplinary Methods in Water Resources (3 cr.)
WR 507 Integrated Water Resources Projects (3 cr.) *Available spring 2009
A 500 (or 900 in LAW) level elective in either Engineering & Science or Law, Management & Policy Option Areas (3 cr. for Ph.D.)

Core Courses

M.S. students are required to take 6 credits, and Ph.D. students are required to take 9 credits from the following:

STAT 431 Statistical Analysis (3 cr.) or higher stats class
ENVS 541 Sampling and Analysis of Environmental Contaminants (3 cr.)

Physical Hydrology:
FOR 515 Physical Hydrology (3 cr.)
BAE 450 Environmental Hydrology (3 cr.)*

Subsurface Hydrology:
HYDR 509 Quantitative Hydrogeology (3 cr.)
SOIL 515 Soil and Environmental Physics (3 cr.)

Aquatic Ecology:
FISH 530 Stream Ecology (3 cr.)
FISH 503 Advanced Limnology Workshop (3 cr.)

Water Quality/Chemistry:
BAE 552 Environmental Water Quality (3 cr.)

Fluvial Geomorphology and Aquatic Habitat:
CE535 Fluvial Geomorphology and River Mechanics (3 cr.)
CE 526 Aquatic Habitat Modeling (3 cr.)

Electives for Science & Management Option Area

As noted, one elective must be in either Engineering & Science or Law, Management & Policy Option Areas for PhD students. A core course may be considered an elective course once the core requirements are satisfied. Electives not listed below will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

CE 523 Water Resources Systems (3 cr.)
CE 533 Water Quality Management (3 cr.)
ENVS 509 Principles of Environmental Toxicology (3 cr.)
ENVS 546 Drinking Water and Human Health (3 cr.)
GEOE 420 Erosion and Sediment Control (3 cr.)
GEOG 401 Climatology (3 cr.)
GEOG 410 Applied Meteorology and Climatology (3 cr.)
GEOG 524 GIS & Remote Sensing Applications in Hydrology (3 cr.)
GEOL 410 Techniques of Groundwater Study (3 cr.)
FISH 415 Limnology (3 cr.)
FISH 430 Riparian Ecology (3 cr.)
FISH 515 Large River Fisheries (3 cr.)
FISH 540 Wetland Restoration (3 cr.)
FOR 462 Watershed Science & Management (3 cr.)
FOR 516 Current Literature in the Hydrologic Effects of Forest Management (3 cr.)
HYDR J512 Environmental Hydrogeology (3 cr.)
HYDR 514 Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction (3 cr.)
HYDR 568 Aquifer Test Design and Analysis (3 cr.)
HYDR 576 Fundamentals of Modeling Hydrogeologic Systs (3 cr.)
SOILS 422 Environmental Soil Chemistry (3 cr.)
SOILS 537 Soil Biochemistry (3 cr.)
STAT 507 Experimental Design (3 cr.)
STAT 514 Nonparametric Statistics (3 cr.)
STAT 519 Multivariate Analysis (3 cr.)

Electives with prerequisites beyond those for Science & Management

BAE 458 Open Channel Hydraulics (3 cr.)
BAE 552 Environmental Water Quality (3 cr.)
BAE 550 Natural Channel Flow (3 cr.)
BAE 558 Fluid Dynamics of Porous Media (3 cr.)
CE 421/BAE451 Engineering Hydrology (3 cr.)
CE 521 Sedimentation Engineering (3 cr.)
CE 520 Fluid Dynamics (3 cr.)
CE 528 Stochastic Hydrology (3 cr.)
ENGR 428 Numerical Methods (3 cr.)

Course descriptions: