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Audrey Squires
Audrey is passionate about water resources after living in Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer where she experienced extreme water quality and quantity issues first hand. She has brought that passion for water to UI where she is pursuing an M.S. degree in Water Resources. Her research focuses on the influence of weather and soil conditions on erosion and runoff in agricultural watersheds, as well as how watershed councils successfully achieve improvements in water quality. Teaching science at Gar-Pal Middle School this past year made her realize that youth are an important part of the solution, which is why she is so excited to be a part of the WoW Confluence Project team!
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Jan Boll, Faculty Supervisor
Jan Boll is director of the Environmental Science, Water Resources, and Professional Science Masters programs at the University of Idaho. Boll joined the University in 1996 in the biological and agricultural engineering department, where his research and teaching focus has been hydrology and water quality. Boll earned his doctorate in agricultural and biological engineering from Cornell University, master of science and bachelor of science degrees in land use planning at the Agricultural University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, and a master of science degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Idaho.
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