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WoW Confluence Project


The WoW Confluence Project strives to develop partnerships between WoW graduate students, K-12 science teachers and students, and community experts to facilitate problem-based, field science investigations around local water resource issues. Our priority is to provide scientific expertise, invoke curiosity, and support field-based experiences that expose students to the multifaceted applications (and fun!) of science in their communities. 
To culminate their experiences in the WoW Confluence Project, participating students will identify a community water issue, develop solutions, and present their work at an annual Youth Water Summit, a two-day scientific conference with their peers from across the state. 

Program Details

The WoW Confluence Project facilitates inquiry-based classroom activities around each graduate student’s scientific expertise in classrooms, supports field-based investigations, promotes community science events, and organizes an annual Water Summit for students to showcase their research, share experiences, and meet university faculty and local organizations and businesses. We are in the process of developing our program, so please stay tuned to our upcoming activities!
If you or your business, organization, agency, or school is interested in getting involved in this project, please contact us:

Ryan Boylan,,
Audrey Squires,, or, 
Becky Rittenburg,

Confluence Blog

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Youth Water Summit

On April 14-15, students from all over Northern Idaho will meet at the University of Idaho for a two-day Youth Water Summit, where they will share their watershed investigations and propose solutions to local challenges. More