International Participants

Diego Caamaño
Diego is faculty in Civil Engineering at the Catholic University of Concepción in Chile. He currently teaches fluid mechanics, hydraulics, sediment transport and computational hydraulics, and is an active researcher of morphological changes on the Biobio and Mataquito rivers, located in Central Chile. He graduated from the college of Civil Engineering at the University of Concepción in 2001 and continued working at the university as an instructor. In July 2004 he obtained a Chilean Government Scholarship to pursue his doctorate degree on Civil Engineering at the UI Center for Ecohydraulics Research. Diego received his Ph.D. in December 2008 and returned to a faculty position at the University of Concepción. In October 2011 he transferred to the Civil Engineering college at the Catholic University of Concepción. Diego maintains close contact with CER faculty as part of an active and growing collaboration.
Richard Kyle Paisley
Richard Kyle Paisley is the Director of the Global Transboundary International Waters Governance Research Initiative and Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Asian Research at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Richard’s academic background includes degrees in biochemistry, natural resource management, law and international law from UBC, the University of Washington, Pepperdine University School of Law and the London School of Economics. His current research, teaching, graduate supervision and advisory interests include global transboundary international waters governance, international water and energy law, global transboundary international waters governance, international business transactions, environmental conflict resolution, cross cultural communication and experiential learning. He has directed a wide range of conferences, workshops, capacity building exercises, negotiations and research projects, published extensively and been an advisor, trainer and special counsel on these subjects to various governments, international agencies, universities, international law firms, non governmental organizations and aboriginal groups. His outside interests include downhill and cross country skiing, cycling, backpacking, kayaking, swimming and coaching his daughters’ soccer teams.