food and fiber

Sustainable Food and Fiber

Track Advisor: Jodi Johnson-Maynard, Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences

Track prerequisites: At a minimum, students entering the program in this track are expected to have successfully completed college level introductory courses in biology, chemistry, physics and algebra.

Recently there has been greater interest in understanding the linkages between food production, processing, marketing and human health issues such as food security and obesity. Basic understanding of how the agronomic, social, economic and political aspects of food systems work together to influence food access at the community, regional and global scales is key to redesigning food systems for enhanced sustainability. 

The purpose of this PSM track is to train individuals who understand the complex, dynamic system behaviors that determine the availability and accessibility of quality food. Course work will span the disciplines of plant and soil science, agricultural economics and food science and is designed to provide experience both with sustainable production as well as communication and adult education. 

Students will complete a minimum of 35 credits composed of the following:

  • 15 credits in the student’s focused science curriculum
  • 12 credits of professional skills courses
  • 3 credits of internship with an area employer
  • 3 credit elective science skills course
  • 2 credits of non-thesis research experience and seminar 

Science Curriculum (15 credits):

Sustainable Food & Fiber
AGEC 586 Regional Economic Development Theory 3 cr. 
AGED 547 Adult Education in Agriculture 2 cr. 
AGED 406 Exploring International Agriculture
3 cr.
AGED 548 Foundations of Extension Education
2 cr.
AOLL 528 Program Planning, Development and Evaluation (www)  3 cr. 
ENVS/FS 536 Principles of Sustainability (www)   
3 cr.
FS 564 Food Toxicology (www)
3 cr.
FS 510 Functional Foods and Health
3 cr.
FS 516 Food Laws
2 cr.
PLSC 546 Plant Breeding 3 cr.
PLSC 551 Vegetable Crop Production
 3 cr. 
PLSC 407 Field Crop Production
3 cr.
SOC 380 Food & Society   3 cr. 
SOIL 417 Market Garden Practicum   1-16 cr. 
SOIL 446 Soil Fertility
3 cr.
SOIL 438 Pesticides in the Environment    3 cr. 
SOIL 527 Food Systems     3 cr.