Ecohydrological Science and Management

Track Advisor: Jan Boll, Director of Environmental Science & Water Resources Programs, Faculty in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Track prerequisites: At a minimum, students entering the program in this track are expected to have successfully completed at least one college level introductory course in biology or ecology, physics and statistics, and at least two college level courses in calculus.

Students trained in this PSM track will understand the interaction between the hydrological cycle and ecosystems, and be able to work at the interface between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Students in this track will be trained for mid to upper level technical positions, and will be eligible for employment with consulting firms, federal and state agencies like the USDA and EPA, non-profit organizations, and tribal entities whose missions are to manage land and water resources at the landscape to regional scale. Graduate coursework will emphasize the mixed use of watershed landscapes and the coupling between human and natural systems.

Students will complete a minimum of 35 credits composed of the following:

  • 15 credits in the student’s focused science curriculum
  • 12 credits of professional skills courses
  • 3 credits of internship with an area employer
  • 3 credit elective science skills course
  • 2 credits of non-thesis research experience and seminar 

Science Curriculum (15 credits):

  Ecohydrology Science and Management
BAE 450 Environmental Hydrology (live & www)
3 cr.
BAE 552 Environmental Water Quality
2 cr.
HYDR 512 Environmental Hydrogeology
3 cr.
GEOG 524 Hydrologic Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing (www or videoconferencing)
3 cr.
FOR 462 Watershed Science and Management
 3 cr.
CSS 573 Planning and Decision Making for Watershed Management (www)
3 cr.
FISH 415 Limnology
4 cr.
FISH 430 Riparian Ecology and Management
3 cr.
FISH 515 Large River Fisheries
2 cr.
FISH 540 Wetland Restoration (www)
3 cr.
REM 440 Wildland Restoration Ecology (www)
 3 cr.
REM 452 Western Wildland Landscapes
 1 cr.
CSS 510 Communications Theory in Natural Resource Management
3 cr.