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Concurrent Degree in Law & EnvS

The concurrent J.D./M.S. degree program offers students an opportunity to combine the study of scientific, social, philosophical, and legal aspects of environmental issues. This program equips students for jobs in which the technical knowledge offered through the Environmental Science Program and the professional expertise provided by the College of Law would be beneficial. 

How to Apply

Students must apply separately to and be admitted by the College of Graduate Studies/Environmental Science Program, the College of Law, and the Concurrent J.D./M.S. Degree Program. Admission into the concurrent degree program is dependent on a demonstrated ability to excel in an intense, interdisciplinary educational environment. 

Program Requirements

Students must complete the requirements for an M.S. degree in environmental science and the requirements for a J.D. (see the College of Law section) subject to the following conditions.

  • The first year of study will be exclusively in the College of Law. Because the concurrent degree program requires an M.S. thesis, the fourth year of the program will be primarily in the Environmental Science Program. 
  • Up to 12 hours of M.S. graduate credit will be allowed toward the J.D. degree and up to 6 hours of law credit will be allowed toward the M.S. degree from pre-approved lists of classes. This will permit a student to complete the concurrent degree program in as little as four years. 
  • If a student fails to complete the master's degree program, no more than 6 credits will be allowed toward the J.D. degree; if a student fails to complete the law program, the student will be required to satisfy all requirements of the Environmental Science Program before receiving the M.S. degree.