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About Certificates

Who should enroll in our certificate programs?

Certificates are intended for students and working professionals in the environmental sciences, environmental health sciences, earth sciences, natural sciences, life sciences, agricultural sciences, and environmental engineering areas. Certificate students are:

  • Working professionals: Working professionals often use certificates to build upon or expand their skill set. If you are a working professional, you may enroll part-time as a non-degree seeking student and take courses at your own pace. Certificate credits may be applied to a graduate program if you wish to continue with your education; or, 

  • Full-time students in a degree program: Current students use certificates to build expertise in a particular area within their curriculum. If you are a student taking a course to fulfill or supplement curriculum requirements at your home university we can work with your institution to transfer credits. 

What should you expect from certificate coursework?

The certificates are delivered completely online. Courses are designed for a variety of learner types, though self motivation is key. All students will submit homework, exams and papers electronically, usually through the web platform BbLearn.

You will have a different experience in these courses than a typical university level course. If you are on campus, the differences will primarily be in the web resource and course support areas. If you are a distance student, you will be interacting with a variety of students via chat, email and the lectures. Although the courses have assignment deadlines throughout the semester, you have some freedom on how and when you choose to do the work needed for success. This is especially important for working professionals and graduate students that require flexible course schedules or for those who travel for field research and conferences.