"Internships are invaluable! Internships can make the difference between getting the job or getting passed over. Experience, experience, experience...that is what everyone is looking for."
Megan Kershner (BS '97)
City of Boise, Solid Waste Program Coordinator 




Environmental Science & Water Resources
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Internships and Service Learning

The Environmental Science Program encourages our students to do one or more internships as a way to get work experience and develop research interests. Typically, students apply for an internship with a business or institution or develop an idea and approach a supervisor. 

The UI Career Center has many internship resources available as well, along with information about career fairs, employer contacts, vacancy listings and student services. 

Internship Credit 

Internship credit is available through the Environmental Science Program with the permission of the academic advisor. Follow the steps below to complete an internship:

  1. Write a memo about your proposed project and who will be supervising your work. Turn the proposal into your academic advisor for approval.
  2. Register for EnvS 498 to receive credit
  3. Complete 40 hours of work per credit
  4. Submit a report describing your internship (approximately 3 pages per credit) to receive a final grade

Service Learning

Regular participation in service-learning activities is a great way to gain hands-on experience and build your resume. The UI Sustainability Center (UISC) provides numerous opportunities each year to engage in fun activities and events that benefit our campus and community. For example, UISC enlists volunteers for GameDay Recycling, a program in which students coordinate and administer recycling efforts at football and basketball games. To learn more, visit their website or contact them at uisc-volunteers@uidaho.edu, or 208-885-0125.

The UI Center for Volunteerism & Social Action is another great resource for getting more involved. They coordinate numerous service events, such as Alternative Spring Break, and provide a database of service opportunities throughout the community.  Contact them at asui-volunteer@uidaho.edu or 208-885-9442 .