"My ability to tailor my education allowed me to take courses that were relevant to the field of work I was going into. The senior capstone course where I completed a senior project played an integral part in my advancement to graduate school."
 - EnvS Alumnus



Environmental Science & Water Resources
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EnvS Curriculum

The Environmental Science Program offers an interdisciplinary science degree that allows students to take a wide variety of classes in eight colleges at the University of Idaho. As a student you will take a broad range of science courses and field labs, study international environmental issues and complete a senior research project. Many of our students study abroad or on a national exchange, and we encourage all of our students to get hands-on experience through campus activities, internships and summer jobs. This approach gives students a good basis for finding employment in the environmental field.

There are three option areas to choose from: 

Students have the flexibility to explore several disciplines during their first two years and choose two emphasis areas in their last two years. In their junior and senior years, students work with their advisor to select classes from a wide array of depth and breadth electives tailored to their career ambitions. 

Transfer students are able to easily transfer credits into the program because of the breadth of the degree.

Required Environmental Science Courses 

EnvS 101 Introduction to Environmental Science

This course provides an introduction to basic principles in the biological, physical, and social science areas of environmental science.

EnvS 102 Field Activities in Environmental Science (transfer credit is accepted)

Freshman students visit 10 field sites that are of interest to environmental scientists. Environmental field sites and activities include: 

  • UI Steam Plant/Biomass Boiler
  • Paradise Creek Watershed
  • Moscow Recycling Center
  • Arboretum and Botanical Garden
  • WSU Raptor Club
  • Moscow Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Stateline Wetland
  • Lower Snake River Dams
  • Various service-learning opportunities

EnvS 225 International Environmental Issues

Sophomores explore issues from a global perspective. The course focuses on various social and physical issues related to the environment and natural resources using human population dynamics as a backdrop.

EnvS 400 Environmental Science Seminar

Juniors analyze advanced environmental topics using the scientific knowledge they have acquired in the previous two years of study. The course includes numerous guest speakers, readings, and discussion.

EnvS 497 Senior Practicum

In their senior year students work individually to do primary research (thesis), or work in a team to complete a project. The course includes preparation of a research proposal, poster, formal presentation and written thesis or report based on research or project conducted with a faculty member. Research addresses an environmental problem using laboratory, field, or library techniques. Students get one-on-one contact with faculty members and develop their public speaking, interviewing and research skills. This capstone class readies students for the job market or graduate studies. Alumni often comment that this class was extremely valuable in getting the job they wanted.